Fatherhood – I hope you’re ready for it

150x150This post is really an open letter to my sons about Fatherhood and the importance of being there.  There are a lot of great dads out there but this message is not for the people who have it all together.  In fact this is for all the imperfect, flawed, mistake prone warriors who are still in the fight.  I hope you enjoy it.  

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Fatherhood – I hope you’re ready for it




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4 Responses to Fatherhood – I hope you’re ready for it

  1. Karen Shook says:

    Greg, what a wonderful message. That message applies to Mother’s as well. Keep inspiring! Karen

  2. Greg Gaines says:

    Thanks for being here Karen, I’m glad the message hit home.

  3. Hopeful says:

    That was really beautiful. One day!
    Thanks for the message and Happy Father’s day.

    Love you Uncle Greg!

  4. Greg Gaines says:

    Thanks Hopeful, love you too! :-)