Father’s Day 2015 (I didn’t Understand)

2x2 blogMost of my business presentations are rooted in my own personal experiences.  This is one of those experiences and it speaks to perseverance.  I couldn’t think of a better way to frame what that really means to me than with this short post.  I trust you’ll enjoy it, Greg.

I didn’t understand growing up. What’s it like to be a man or a father. I remember having it all figured out at as a teenager. I had those “when I grow up and have my family” inner conversations, it would be so easy…because I was so smart and it can’t be that hard. I didn’t understand until I was there.

Tommy cropped

My father took whatever work that came along to make ends meet and when it looked like it would fall short, he’d find a way to make it anyway.

Eventually I had to ask myself a few questions about my father. Who encouraged him? Who told him that he was doing a good job? Who lifted him up, while he was all weighed down carrying all of us? There were 8-children and it wasn’t easy, but who was there through thick and through thin? Who hung in there? Daddy.

Once I had my own family, I started using a phrase that I still use today even though my youngest will be 21-years old this year. “You may not understand or like it today, but you’ll thank me later”. My father along with my mom taught us to survive and to do so with a head held high, I have mad respect and love for him.

Bump & Tom with Andrew down to Denice the babyBump & Tom with Earl, Greg & Dionne - cropped and fixedFamily gathering at the hourse





Happy Father’s Day to my daddy, Tommy Gaines.  You did a great job!

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