The Big Lie!

2x2 blogIsn’t it funny how you never have to conger up doubt?  It’s not something you have to learn, look for or Google – in fact, it finds you all by itself.  Doubt can be seemingly harmless in some cases. It’s often disguised as either a well meaning “If it were me, I’d…” or the quit overreacting “I’m just joking” comment.  Some people without thinking pass it around like hot chocolate, while others go out of their way to purposely unleash it into your atmosphere.  They’re what I call ‘rock throwers’ and some are experts, with the ability to throw around corners to hit their target.  

To be clear, there is a place for reasonable doubt.  Anything that keeps you from doing something dangerous, illegal or not very smart for you or others is not only good, it’s critical to our survival.  I’m speaking instead of the doubt that’s genetically designed to keep you frozen in fear of going after whatever’s best for you or your family. 

No one, no matter how strong or positive can stand up to doubt’s constant barrage of negative influence without eventually challenging it.  It only has one tool by the way, but boy is it effective and in some cases lethal.  It sings a one-word chant over and over.  Can’t.  You can’t do that! 

If I’m not careful, if I do nothing and allow it to play in my mind like the bad song I can’t forget, I’ll start to speak it.  Once that happens, I’ll start to believe it, and when that happens, I’ll start to live it and then eventually, it becomes my reality.  That’s true of all of us, no one is immune, until we realize that can’t is a lie!  We only make it real by believing in the doubt more than we believe in ourselves. 

I don’t think we can eradicate can’t from our vocabulary or even our thinking.  Instead, I’m suggesting that we remember to use can’t in the right way.  Why can’t I do it?  Who says I can’t?  You can’t stop me. 

I found the video below some time ago and it isn’t new.  Sometimes the best ideas aren’t new at all, they’re simply wake up calls or taps on the shoulder to remind us that despite the noise we can accomplish far more than we realize.  Doubt will always be around, but we don’t have to listen to it, in fact we can defeat it.  The very first step is to drown out can’t the assassin, and start talking about what’s possible.  Make sure the song in your head is one that reminds you that you have made it through a storm before, so who says you can’t make it again?

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2 Responses to The Big Lie!

  1. Angela Barksdale says:

    Much needed words of wisdom. God Bless

  2. Greg Gaines says:

    Thanks Angela, you are appreciated